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How Tolerance Works: The Biology of Cannabis Tolerance and Receptor Downregulation

What is tolerance and how does it relate to cannabis use? It’s a question that is often answered inaccurately and dishonestly by opponents (and in some cases, proponents) of cannabis, fueled by a history of misinformation about what’s actually going when we talk about cannabis tolerance. But there is a large body of knowledge that exists in the scientific and clinical realms describing our current and evolving understanding of tolerance. In a general sense, tolerance describes the way that our bodies change and react over time when exposed to certain stimuli. This kind of molecular and physiological tolerance is most…

Posted March 17, 2017

Hashashin: A Myth and History All Rolled Up In One

There’s an urban legend floating around that connects a treacherous and noble group of combat warriors dating back to the Middle Ages with cannabis use. Meet the legend of the hashashin, a half historical, half mythological “did you know?” that’s been passed around for hundreds of years. The story usually goes that the word, “assassin,” is derived from the word hashashin, meaning hashish user. Hashish, of course, refers to the compressed resin that can be collected from the cannabis plant’s buds–hash. The hashishin are a real historical group that were documented extensively in art and literature from the Middle Ages,…

Posted March 9, 2017

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